School Performance Report

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About Our School

Patrick Murphy, Superintendent

Joel Lang, PrincipalPioneer Elementary

Our school is located on the corner of Carlyon Avenue and Henderson Boulevard near Olympia High School. Our service area reaches out to several neighborhoods of southeast Olympia. Because of this proximity, Pioneer is truly a neighborhood school. Safe walking conditions allow many of our students to walk or ride bikes to and from school. Buses and parents transport the rest of our students. 

Pioneer School was remodeled in 2007. The remodel included 16 new classrooms, 2 kindergarten classrooms, library with vaulted ceiling space, administration area and a covered entry to the school. Pioneer Elementary School now has wireless Internet access.

Teachers emphasize a strong foundation in a basic skills curriculum. Students often work in cooperative groups with each individual held accountable for learning and work completion. Healthy social/emotional development is also a priority at Pioneer. We are focused on our work as a professional learning community. Part of that work is to fully implement PBIS strategies that promote a solid foundation and set of expectations for our students. Our school-wide efforts on P.A.W.S. (Practice Responsibility, Act Safely, Work with Courage and Show Respect) are important to our collective success.

We enjoy a strong, positive partnership between parents, staff and students where all are valued and respected. We share a focus on serving our learning community so that Pioneer will be a trusting and collaborative community that develops life-long, self directed learners.

2018-19 School Facts

Based on the October 2018 enrollment report, there were 516 students enrolled at Pioneer Elementary.



 Student Demographics         

 Hispanic/Latino of any race(s)   
 6.4%       Male students
 American Indian/Alaskan Native
0.4%     Female students
 Asian 6.6%   

 Black/African American

 Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

 White 74.6%
 Free & Reduced Price Meals
 Two or More Races
10.1%     Special Education


Teacher Information

  • Number of classroom teachers: 31
  • Average years of teacher experience: 20
  • Teachers with at least a Master's Degree: 23



2018-19 District Operating Budget 




 Building Administration
 $8,283,536  6.23%
 Maintenance & Operations    $8,576,098  6.45%
 District Support
 $5,410,991  4.07%
 $4,520,169  3.40%
 Utilities & Insurance  $4,317,384  3.25%
 Food Service
 $3,289,648  2.47%
 Other  $64,053  0.05%
 Total Expenditures  $132,955,254  100.00%




 $23,067,573  17.42%
 Federal    $5,346,583  4.04%
 Other Sources                          
 $985,618  0.74%
 Total Revenue  $132,394,180  100%

Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program

Washington students participate in state tests annually in the spring, to assess their progress as well as the progress of our educational system as a whole.

Our state uses the Smarter Balanced assessment system, aligned to Washington's K-12 Learning Standards. The scores below represent the percent of students meeting standard in three core subjects, ELA, Math, and for grades 5, 8 and 11, Science (Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science or WCAS).

 2017-18 3rd Grade SBA​​


 2018-19 3rd Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
 ELA  80.4  70.4  55.5
   81.8  63.9  55.4
 86.9  67.3  57.5    80.5  63.8  58.0

 2017-18 4th Grade SBA


 2018-19 4th Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
 78.7  67.5  57.3
   77.9  68.9  56.9
 69.3  64.6  53.8
   75.6  61.6  54.0

 2017-18 5th Grade SBA


 2018-19 5th Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
 77.0  67.3  59.2
   74.5  68.9  60.4
 Math  71.0  60.4  48.5
   69.1  59.3  48.3
 69.8  66.1  55.1    70.2  62.3  53.2

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

MAP is a district assessment that measures a student's developing skills through a series of questions that adapt to the child’s level of learning. Research on MAP indicates the results are highly accurate. The results help teachers measure growth and determine whether a student may need more support or more challenge. These scores represent Spring assessment.

 2017-18 Reading


 2018-19 Reading

 Our School  
 Our District 
 National Norm 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 National Norm 
 Grade 2 
 199  195  189
 193  189
 Grade 3
 209  206  199
   205  203  199
 Grade 4
 216  213  206    215  213  206
 Grade 5
 219  219  212    220  218  212

 2017-18 Math


 2018-19 Math

 Our School  
 Our District 
 National Norm 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 National Norm 
 Grade 2 
 208  199 189
     197  189
 Grade 3
 211  209 199
   207  205  199
 Grade 4
 218  218 206    219  216  206
 Grade 5
 226  227 212    226  224  212


Pioneer Elementary School Mission Statement

Pioneer’s community nurtures and supports each individual to reach full potential by fostering mutual respect, trust, cooperation and a love of learning.

Olympia School District Vision

We envision a supportive environment that promotes trust, growth and achievement of the highest standards. We build our capacity for success through leading-edge programs and operations based on continuous improvement. We have 100 percent commitment to quality and excellence in all things.


National Assessment of Educational Progress

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is a survey of grade student achievement in core subject areas. NAEP measures what students across the country know and can do in 10 subject areas, including mathematics, reading, writing, and science. Current state level results may be viewed here.

To learn more about NAEP, visit this page.


For More Information If you would like more details about student achievement and demographics, visit the OSPI website and select reports by district or school.

If you would like other information about Pioneer Elementary School, please call (360) 596-6500.