Ms. Smythe and Ms. Major will be co-teaching science this year. State standards for science have been in the process of transition to NGSS for a couple of years. Most of our science curriculum is aligned with the old state standards, so we will supplement for all of the units with the exception of the Zombie Guacamole unit. This is an experimental unit that we piloted last year and is NGSS aligned. We will be covering the following units this year in 5th grade:

1. Landforms
2. Nutrition
3. Zombie Guacamole (decomposition unit)
4. Smarter Balanced Prep 

*Science Fair will be optional for all 5th grade students this year. We will cover the scientific method in class, however we will not be organizing projects for students. Science fair projects will be an activity that students and families can work on independently at home.