Reading Overview

From Ms. Smythe:


Reading is the "gateway" to all other subjects, so it is fascinating and fun to teach! Much of our reading classes will be spent with grade-level curriculum. The curriculum we use in 5th grade is called "Wonders". Each student has a Wonders account and can access any of the materials from home. To access the online Wonders curriculum go to the Pioneer homepage and click on the OSD portal link. Assignments will be given throughout the week. I call this 'daily work.' I check daily work on Fridays. If a student is unable to finish work during class, I highly recommend they finish at home so they do not get behind. 

Later in the year  will be reading novels together. We will explore these novels through literature circles. During that time we will explore many different literary concepts together as well as develop the ability to participate in discourse.

We will also work on extension projects where students will demonstrate their understanding of what we are learning in class by creating posters or Google slides.