Reading Homework



Each month for reading homework your child will be responsible for reading 3 books. I would like them to read one fiction-chapter book and two non-fiction books at their level (within range). They will also need to take two AR tests (70% or better) on 2 books. Students will not need to take an AR test for the non-fiction book that is used for the book report. Students have multiple opportunities to take AR test as well as check out books during the school week.

There will be a different topic for one of the non-fiction books each month. This will be the book they write their book report on.  The topics are listed under the book report topic link. Book reports are sent to me electronically.  Students will either receive a complete or incomplete which will be recorded and put in the progress report. 


AR tests are a way for me to track if the book has been read. If your child finds an excellent book but there is no AR test, no problem! They can just write a paragraph summary of the book and attach it to the AR goal sheet. The AR goal sheet is how I track the 3 books they read and the AR test scores. The AR goal sheets are due at the end of each month, along with the book reports. AR goal sheets are always available in my classroom.


I will grade AR goal sheets using the point system listed below. You be able to see this information along with test scores and daily work on the progress reports. The progress reports are sent home every six weeks.


10 points- all three books read and AR tests passed with a score of 70 percent or better

8 points- 2 books read and AR tests passed at 70 percent or better

5 points- 1 book read and AR test on that book passed at 70 percent or better

0 points- no goal sheet received and/or no test taken or passed.