PE Overview

5th Grade physical education expectations

1) PE is on Tuesdays. Wear appropriate shoes and clothes. Dress for success.

2) Have a Growth Mindset when it comes to everything we learn and do in PE. This means just because you may not be able to do something today, does not mean you can't do it tomorrow. Your ability to learn and grow can change with your effort.

3) A challenge we have is getting kids to move. They only get PE from the PE teacher once a week. The other days it is important to make sure your kids are active. The recommendation is 90 minutes of activity a day. Do your part by providing opportunities for movement. Go for a walk as a family, play tag, ride bikes, or join a team. It doesn't have to be well planned, being spontaneous is fun too.

4) When they get to middle school, PE is an everyday occurrence. They need to be ready for that!


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