Math Homework

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Unit 5:  Multiplying & Dividing Whole Numbers and Fractions

April Homework- Homework is always due the next day :)

4/8: Fruit Pizza SB page 261
4/9: SB 145-146

Math Homework Policy

  • Homework will be given a few times each week Monday - Thursday.
  • Homework is not given over weekends or holidays.
  • If students are absent on the day they were supposed to turn in homework, they should turn in homework the next time they attend class.
  • If students are absent the day homework is assigned, students will be excused from homework.
  • Students should not spend more than 30 minutes on homework.
  • If students have questions or are unable to finish a problem, help them prepare to ask for help in class so we can clear up any problems. 

    *Students that are unable to finish all the homework but ask me for help in class the next day, they are given credit for the assignment. 

    *Students that don't do the work, turn in partially done work without asking for help or leave it at home are not given credit.