Communications Classroom Work

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September: No Homework
Students will begin the year by creating their Google Drive folders, organizing their binders, setting up their planners and establishing a baseline keyboarding speed words per minute (WPM). They will also asked to complete several written assignments that culminate in a six paragraph autobiographical essay.

October: The first of seven monthly book reports is due on October 31.
This month, students will have their first of three required Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test sessions. The majority of the rest of the month will be dedicated to developing and improving public speaking and listening skills. Students will have several opportunities to give various types of speeches to classmates from the front of the room. 

November: Book report is due on November 30.
Students finished up the unit on speeches. We then spent two weeks exploring Microsoft PowerPoint. The assignment was to create a slide show about their lives using PowerPoint. They then were required to move that project onto their Google Drive. Once there, they were required to give a presentation, using their project, to the class.

December: Book report is due on December 18.
This month, students will be using Google Slides to put together a small research project and oral presentation on a topic of their choice. The project is limited to 6 slides: A title slide, 4 content slides, and a bibliography slide. Presentations will begin on Tuesday, December 11th.

January: State Report projects will be the focus of this month. Students will be choosing the name of a state out of a hat and spending the month gathering information about that state and using that in create a Google slideshow and oral presentation.

February: The first week of the month will be reserved for state presentations. Students will also continue to develop their writhing skills. The first essay this month will be a compare and contrast piece. We will also be looking at compound and complex sentence structure.

March: This month, students are beginning work on their public issue research and presentation project. They will asked to research the Capitol Lake controversy, develop a position and put together a slide show and oral persuasive presentation to give to their classmates.