Book Report Topics

Students will be required to submit one computer written report on a nonfiction book per month. The report should consist of one page that follows the essay format guidelines here.

An easy way to fulfill this assignment is to use the computer-aided writing lesson found below.

Schools for Champions website:

Month Topic Category Additional Requirements

  • September: No Report
  • October: Person  10/29 Draft in class, 10/31 Report Due
  • November: Historical Event  11/26 Draft in class, 11/30 Report Due
  • December: Science Topic  12/14 Draft in class, 12/18 Report Due
  • January: State Report 01/02 Start work on report in class, 01/31 Report Due
  • February: Place  02/22 Draft in class, 02/28 Report Due
  • March: Animal  03/25 Draft in class, 03/29 Report Due
  • April: Activity  04/22 Draft in class, 04/30 Report Due
  • May: Topic of Choice  05/28 Draft in class, 05/31 Report Due