Accelerated Reading (AR)

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Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer designed reading program which is used to test your child's comprehension level of books or stories he or she has read. At the beginning of the each semester, every student will be given a S.T.A.R. reading placement test. This computerized test will give each child in our class an individualized reading range. Students will use this reading range to select AR books from the library or classroom. A student will be required to read and test within his or her own reading range. The Accelerated Reading program is designed to lock children out of tests out of their reading range, and tests previously taken. Once your child reads an Accelerated Reader book, he or she may test on it. Testing may be done on the classroom computer or the computer on wheels (COW) Following the test, the computer will display the percentage of questions answered correctly. A score of 70% or better is considered passing. Periodically, a printout of the books read and tests taken will be included with you child's progress report. Students will be required to test on and pass one AR chapter book each month. In addition, your student will be given 10 additional points for reading 2 non-fiction books at their level each month. See the "Reading" section of this website for the particular genre or topics for each month. To determine if a book has a corresponding test in our data base or to check for the reading level of a book, log on to the address here and search for your title. This link is also available on the Pioneer Library website. 

Thank you for your support with this program. Encourage your child to read daily.