Kindergarten Supply Lists

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Kindergarten Supply Lists
Muzatko & Kilborn Kindergarten School Supply List: 2018-2019

Items that are shared (do not need to be marked with your student’s name):
● 1 box of 24 crayons
● 1 box of Crayola colored pencils
● 2 boxes of Crayola markers - Classic Colors (fatter ones that have 8-10 colors)
● 1 bottle of white glue
● 6 glue sticks
● 1 box of pencils (Ticonderoga sharpen the best)
● 1 set of Prang or Crayola watercolors
● 1 wide-ruled spiral notebook
● 1 box of zip lock bags (any size)
● 1 box of tissue

Items for your student (should be marked with their name):
● 1 pocket folder (designs and pictures are fine)
● Cozy blanket or beach towel for quiet time
● 1 book bag, backpack or strong plastic bag with handles (bag should be large
enough to hold a library picture book and labeled with child’s first & last name)
● 1 frosting container or soup-sized can decorated by your child to hold his or her
crayons (decorate with stickers, pretty paper, jewels, glitter glue or whatever
you like)
● 1 complete extra set of clothes for your child to keep at school (place in a 1-gallon
zip lock bag labeled with your child’s name)
Items that can be donated if you would like:
● Disinfecting wipes
● Baby wipes
● Box of latex-free bandaids
● Fiskar scissors

Mrs. Spohn’s Kindergarten School Supply List: 2018-2019
● 3 boxes CRAYOLA brand crayons – 16 or 24 in each box - not washable.
● 1 box CRAYOLA brand markers – 8-10 Classic Colors - broad line.
● Elmer’s Glue – 2 medium (4 oz.) or 3 small (1.25 oz.)
● Scissors – FISKAR brand, children’s size, sharp point - No non-stick blades,
extreme styles, or blunt tips.
● 4-pack of Playdoh (basic colors: red, blue, yellow, white)
● Graham crackers – 3-4 boxes, any flavor.
● One 8 oz. pump bottle of hand sanitizer.
● 1 box of Ziploc bags, any size (optional).
● A kid-sized cozy blanket or towel for “rest time.”
● 1 backpack with a cavity big enough to hold a large library picture book. Label with
child’s first and last name.